Diversification across the NBA

In Chapter 11 as well for Chapter 12, diversification is discussed. Diversification is a key concept when it comes to the ability to sign the top free agents on the market every summer during the free agency period. Players move on to different cities based on how well a team can diversify itself from other competing teams and exhibit that diversity. For instance, a free agent might be intrigued by L.A. because of the celebrity infested population and the fact they sell out every game versus signing with a team such as Milwaukee that doesn’t offer the celebrity population or have sell out games. Diversification reigns supreme here because in this situation, Milwaukee has to find other ways to diversify itself from L.A. 

Diversification is a constant battle to proving worthy of the top free agents every year. If you are a NBA team, you must catch the players eye by diversifying yourself from other teams that are interested. With that being said, implementing a diversification strategy is only effective if what the players desires happen to be what the prospective teams city has to offer. It’s a gamble in the NBA for every team to rely on such a strategy. Only the big market teams will win at the diversity game, so no need for everybody to try and play. They will always be more attractive when it comes to diversity. Image


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